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Georgia Puppymill Auction - 4/29/06

Star is a puppymill survivor! A puppymiller in Georgia died and an auction was held on Saturday, April 29, 2006 to sell her stock of dogs.  These dogs have lived their entire lives in misery.  SCMR attended this auction with the intent of saving as many Maltese as possible, preventing them from going to another puppymiller where their misery will continue.  

Thanks to all the wonderful supporters of these dogs! If anyone would like to make a donation to SCMR in Honor of these dogs that will help future rescues, please do so. Our main source of funding comes from adoptions and donations, which both are down, so any amount would be appreciated! All of these dogs say thank you and so does SCMR!
If you want to see the difference you can make in these dogs' lives, check out the story of Star, Dandi, Mikey and Domino! Donations in any amount are GREATLY appreciated!! THANK YOU!

Guy Bilyeu, Dircetor of Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga
5/2/06 update: We wanted to let everyone know what happened at the auction. SCMR was able to bring back 20 maltese. SCMR along with Guy Bilyeu the Director of the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga (HES) brought back another 20 dogs of different breeds (poms, pekes, chihuahuas, and dachshunds). Four dogs from the local shelter where the auction occurred were also rescued (3 lab mixes and a cocker spaniel). This makes a total of 44 animals that returned to Chattanooga. Guy graciously brought the large HES air conditioned van equipped with crates to the auction to carry back the animals. The animals going to other rescues are currently being held at the Humane Society until they can be picked up. Rescue groups were able to purchase over half the dogs.

Unfortunately, the crowd became extremely hostile toward rescue because we were outbidding them. The auctioneer who was the executor of the estate actually would call a dog "sold" while a rescuer was still bidding. This occurred twice to SCMR. Our concern is that people came to this auction thinking they were going to get a "cheap" dog. If that was their intent, it is also reasonable to believe that they probably won't be doing the necessary vetting on them. We don't think most individuals realize the many medical and behavioral problems that mill dogs have. Rescuers tried to explain to many why we were there bidding, and we can only hope some of them understood.

After the auction was completed, SCMR was told that there were 30 maltese as well as numerous other breeds that would be coming to rescue. These animals had not been put in the auction because of health reasons. Apparently these animals were still at the mill location so all the rescuers waited while shelter workers went to the mill to pick them up. They only brought 16 dogs back which included 1 maltese. When we asked what happened to the 30 maltese that were not auctioned off, we were told that they didn't know what happened to them. We are very concerned about this and can only hope that these animals are in capable hands.

New media were present to cover the eventWe took all the animals back to HES where they were given Panacur for deworming (this was donated to rescue by HES). HES has also offered to heartworm test all the maltese. "House of Pets" here in Chattanooga groomed all these babies for no charge today! They all are now clean and groomed. We will be taking more pictures of them so you can see the change.

This group of dogs will need lots of food!We are extremely grateful to HES, other rescuers, and individuals who stepped forward to help all these animals. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when people pull together. SCMR would like to thank each of you for helping us help these animals. Without your support, we would not have been able to accomplish what we did. We'd also like to thank the news media for covering this event and doing a story on all the rescued dogs.

Most puppymill dogs receive no medical care or human contact!Below are a few pictures taken during the auction and after we returned to Chattanooga. These animals were rescued from a life of misery!

 Lots more pictures and videos are available, courtesy of Emilie Bottiggi, at the following URL: 

Got Panacur?